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The Case For Jewelry

Silly title, is there really even a need for such talk? For many of us putting on jewelry is like putting on socks on a chilly day. It’s a given. We consider it a staple part of our daily wardrobe. If that’s you, you can move right on and don’t feel the need to read further. Unless of course you feel the need to assuage the guilt you feel for the money you consistently spend adding to your jewelry collection. Justification ahead.

1. Jewelry can transform any outfit.

A white t shirt and jeans, a little black dress, your favorite go-to date night outfit. You can breathe life into an outfit you own simply with the addition of the right piece or pieces of jewelry.

2. Jewelry is available for all budgets.

Whether your budget is Van Clef and Cartier or the wall of Brandi Melville, you can create a beautiful, fun collection of jewelry that will serve you from work, to dates, to errands and beyond. Look across social media and you will find the chicest, most stunning and envy-worthy jewelry ensembles are a combination. Mix the good, with the fashion jewelry. Follow a trend and top with a timeless piece. Keep it simple, or go for the glam. This is one of the best things about jewelry. You can purchase and collect at any price range. Good style requires an eye, not a price tag.

3. It is a temporary way to decorate yourself.

I love a good tattoo, (as long as my kids don’t get them) and I think the new layered, multi-pierced ear can look fabulous. These and similar self-adornments are PERMANENT. For some, for me, that’s a commitment. A great thing about jewelry? You can take it off when you get home. Or if you are wearing heavy, uncomfortable earrings (been there!), you can pull them right out on the fly and pop them in your purse. Of course, you will then wonder where they are the next time you want to wear them. I digress. You can easily and temporarily try new looks. Try on a coveted trend, go classic, go for the gold, or the silver or for both. You can mix it up, make a statement and then change direction the very next day if you choose. At Wren Raven, we like that.

4. Jewelry supports a carry-on for travel.

As discussed in #1, jewelry can transform an outfit. Take this notion on the road or on your next trip. Pack light and bring a bag full of your favorite, fun fashion jewelry. Poof, you will look great every night.

5. It's the most perfect of gifts.

For centuries, lovers have shown their love through the presentation of diamonds, pearls and more. In present day, this tradition still reigns strong. Who doesn't like to receive a bauble as a reminder or testament of one’s love for you?! IN addition to those in love, jewelry actually makes a perfect present in almost all circumstances. Need a gift for a teen? Jewelry. Need a gift for your mother-in-law? Jewelry. Best friend? Jewelry. You get the idea. Buy something you know they will love to add to their existing favorites. Or go out on a limb and get a statement piece. Hopefully they will love it and you will have a chance to admire it regularly when they wear it. Give a miss? They can pass it along to another person, maybe you!

We could continue, but we think jewelry doesn't need a great deal of support. It really stands on its own. That’s why we love it so much. That’s why you love it too. Now get back to our site and get yourself some!

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